More Traffic To Festival Sites

This is an article directed at those who are running websites like mine that are talking about festivals the world over but can’t get enough people to actually visit them. This is such a pity because there are so many festivals around the world and there are so many ways to talk about them. As such, if you are not getting enough people to go to your site to actually read the things you write and perhaps make conversions in the process, I hope this piece will help. We can start with making sure that your site’s content is up to scratch in terms of quality, optimization and relevance. You have to remember that readers in our niche can be very picky, so you have to make sure that your content is eye-catching, is littered with keywords that they are looking for and are relevant to the current festivals going on around the world.


Next is the matter of how well you present your website. Is it clean? Will it make your visitors say “Wow!” when they first visit or will it make them say “Eww!” and click back faster than they can read what you had to say? Then there’s the matter of social media which is imperative for internet marketers, bloggers and every other cyber personnel. Remember that there are millions on Facebook right now and if you’re not trying to make an effort to reach out to them, you are missing out on a huge potential fan base. Of course, you could just go the paid route and buy website traffic at and others if you want it fast.

To reiterate the things you need to do, these are:

Having high quality content
Making your presentation stellar
Getting involved with Social Media
Buying traffic

Expressing The Love For Festival Artists Through Blogging

Let us face it, becoming a festival artist requires incredible talent. Many unforgettable festival artist performances have all been done by very talented artists. They know how to read the crowd and deliver the best content for them. It is a great feeling for any festival artist to find that connection with the audience. It is the same thing for bloggers. Blogging has made it possible for people to share what they feel and think with the whole society. With the help of a blog, many people are now sharing amazing stories about their life. More people would love to learn from another person’s experience.


Some people might ask, is it hard to start a blog? The answer to such a question is that blogging is the easiest thing to do online. A number of tutorials exist on how to start a blog. My favorite is from Expect to learn about what blogging is and how to start a blog with only a few steps. For a person who is into festival artists, it is now possible to start writing about them. It is important to connect with the readers. This means creating engaging content that makes them come back often to read more posts.

It is possible to make money from a blog. Once you have enough traffic from different readers across the world, sign up for a Google AdSense account. The adverts displayed on the blog will generate some extra income for you the blogger. Keep your festival artist stories fun and more people will find their way to the blog.

The Places You Did Go and the People You Did See

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This is another new blog about Summer Festivals with only one article with the summer already over. The first article was good but there needs to be more.


Why would someone build a blog with all that entails, post one article and then just leave it? Sometimes I don’t understand people. I wanted my own blog so bad I worked on it for over 3 years – writing about anything that I thought was New and Interesting. Now 3 years later, my work is beginning to build me a list of regular viewers who come back every time I have a new article.

Dumbo Art Festival

This blog’s first article was about the annual DUMBO Art Festival in Brooklyn New York. Interesting article but there needs to be more and more. This is where a buy of Site traffic might get the ball rolling – there is nothing more satisfying than seeing more and more comments on your blog so you know that people are noticing your new blog.

More work needed

So new blogger – whoever you are – did you go to more festivals this summer? We all would love to know – so write and tell us about your summer and all the places that you went to see art festivals.

This Was the 18th Year of the DUMBO Arts Festival and It Was a Great Success

article 5This is another new blog just started and blogging about festival fans and the festivals that have been going on this summer.

The first article was about the DUMBO Arts Festival which is in its 18th year. This is a 3 day celebration in Brooklyn, NY and begins on Friday night with the art fans filling the streets. Saturday kicked-off a weekend that is filled with the fun of open studios, interactive arts and performing pieces. There was construction blocking off parts of the festival, but the large crowds were happy with the number of artists, the thriving and positive energy of the crowd, and also the weather was amazing.

This is another new blog interestingly done and needs site traffic to put the blog on the map so everyone knows where it is and what it is all about. This is the way great blogs start –good subject to write stories about and a great first article.

Buying site traffic does not cost much and is worth every penny that is spent. If the visitors are lovers of summer art festivals – worth every penny that you spend.

Don’t forget to come back and visit this site often if you are a lover of summer and the great festivals that are held all over the country.

The Outcome of the Recent DUMBO Arts Festival

Festival NewsFor the 18th year of the DUMBO Arts Festival, thousands of art fans filled the streets on Friday night and all day Saturday to kick-off a fun filled weekend of open studios, interactive art, and never ending performing pieces. Even though an ongoing construction project may off blocked parts of the festival, the large crowds were kept pleased by tons of artists, the positive and thriving energy of others and the amazing weather.

 For just two days of this amazing festival experience, here are some of the best highlights this year:

  • Tom Fruin brought his favorite crowd pleaser: the stained plexi-glass shack. This was said to be one of the most popular exhibits in the entire festival. This thing shows off true beauty; whether the sun is reflecting off the colors during the day or the light is illuminating from within during the night.

  • The SAWCC or South Asian Women’s Creative Collective inspired beauty amongst many women in the crowd. They asked women from all over to participate in exploring the many ways that females are judged and perceived by their physical appearance including hair, skin and clothing options.

  • Heather Hart came back with her all time Barter Town. Here you could trade for items such as third-eye face painting, massage therapy, clothing, snacks and even songs.

  • Video and light based art works lined the streets and were mostly participatory.

Sadly, the DUMBO arts festival is gone until next year. However, if you are looking for something a little family-friendly, free and completely fun based, come back next year!