Lekab is primarily a multi-disciplinary underground artist collective committed to connecting musicians and providing members with an effective platform where they can share and develop their art. Below are some of the services that we provide.

Youth Education Programs

We hope to help them realize the importance of shaping their own destiny and following their passions and interests.

Concerts and Parties

Our community thrives in embracing the diversity and the unpredictable.

Festivals and Other Events

We also organize festivals and events that featured a wide range of genres such as punk, garage rock, noise and hip-hop.


Lekab is a collective of artists and musicians that is proud to serve our community by bringing artistic excellence to every service that we provide and every event that we are involved in. We are committed, both individually and collectively, to enriching and revitalizing the local music scene through inspiring performances of new and revolutionary music.

Open every weekdays at 7:00am to 6:00pm.

About the Owner

Noah Meier

Noah Meier


Noah Meier is a music graduate for one of the top universities in Geneva. Born and raised in the city, Noah believes in delivering superior music education programs that have a lasting impact on the youth, families, and the community. He aims to use music as a way to change lives, the way it has changed his.