The Places You Did Go and the People You Did See

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This is another new blog about Summer Festivals with only one article with the summer already over. The first article was good but there needs to be more.


Why would someone build a blog with all that entails, post one article and then just leave it? Sometimes I don’t understand people. I wanted my own blog so bad I worked on it for over 3 years – writing about anything that I thought was New and Interesting. Now 3 years later, my work is beginning to build me a list of regular viewers who come back every time I have a new article.

Dumbo Art Festival

This blog’s first article was about the annual DUMBO Art Festival in Brooklyn New York. Interesting article but there needs to be more and more. This is where a buy of Site traffic might get the ball rolling – there is nothing more satisfying than seeing more and more comments on your blog so you know that people are noticing your new blog.

More work needed

So new blogger – whoever you are – did you go to more festivals this summer? We all would love to know – so write and tell us about your summer and all the places that you went to see art festivals.